New Academic Year 2020-2021 – After-school tuition starts soon.

After-school tuition isn’t simply ‘more school’,  it is about empathetic and highly committed people taking the time to get to know each student as an individual and understand their educational needs. At Hyde Park, we assess every student before and during their programme of study, so can demonstrate real improvement. We provide all resources and make all the difference. 

Every year we assist many families here in Qatar,  each with their unique goals. We have tuition for:-

  • English, Math and Science Remedial programmes at all levels. 
  • Exam preparation – help preparing for all public and entrance exams, IGCSE, As/A2, IB, SAT, ACT, IELTS
  • Boosting weaker subjects – support throughout the school year, homework monitoring and completion, re-teach. 
  • Catch up from illness – filling in gaps due to prolonged absence
  • Stretching gifted students – to support interests and stellar performance
  • 2020 Covid-19 – shutdown Catch-up Courses starting July 2020

Whether your child needs to be supported, challenged, inspired, motivated, or all four, we are here help.


Call 50509217 for details. 

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