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We at Hyde Park are simply the best and our Clients agree!

This is what students and Parents think about our Tuition services.

From Qatari Parents:

  •   My daughter looks forward to her lessons with the tutor. ..Mrs AM

  •  My son eventually understands his schoolwork….. Mrs MS

  •  My son’s grades have improved since we used Hyde Park tuition… Shk. AT

  •  Hyde Park tutors are willing to help with anything! They treat our children as their own. Shk. JAT

  •  English tuition during the summer months is essential for Arabic speaking children. Mrs MSH

  •  My children must continue with English tuition during summer to assist them when school starts again…. Mrs AT

  •  If my daughter does not attend English Summer school she forgets her English….Mrs. H AT

  •  During the summer our children hear no English .It really is difficult for them when the new school year starts. Mrs H

  •  During summer our children must speak and read English to maintain the language. The only way is for them to attend English summer school….Mrs HI


From Qatari students:

  •  It’s easy when you understand!.. AA

  •  Having a tutor is good because I can tell her what I don’t understand. .MS

  •  School is much better now that I have tuition too…AT

  •  My grades are much better than before we went to Hyde Park..TA

  •  Working with my tutor improves my English. MAT