English at Hyde Park

Hyde Park Education will improve your child’s English grades

Learn EnglishWe tutor all subjects in the British National Curriculum for students aged 5 to 19 and will help your child improve their English skills in reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and comprehension.

As one of the most important languages in global education and widely used in the world of work and business, as well as culture and communication, it is very important that your child is able to learn English from native English speakers and teachers. Particularly for students learning in English as a 2nd Language at a British school  in Qatar, or an Independent following the British National Curriculum,  weakness in their ability to understand lesson and write accurately will lower their attainment levels in all subjects. 

Your child will improve their level in speaking, reading and writing fluently in English so that they are able to communicate their ideas and emotions to others and so that, through their reading and listening, others can more effectively communicate with them. We exclusively  employ native English speaking teachers so that you can be confident of the highest standards.

At Hyde Park your child will learn English based on the core competencies of the British National Curriculum which they will study to IGCSE. This will ensure that your child is assessed and taught at the appropriate level, helping them to achieve the learning outcomes appropriate to their age and ability, improving their grades and fully preparing them for their future exams.

At the initial appointment with our Education team, each student is given an individual diagnostic assessment in English, with one of our trained assessors. This takes approximately 1 hour.  

The assessment report is submitted at the following meeting where an appropriate programme based on the findings  is agreed. Every student’s initial assessment is a benchmark to measure their progress.  Everything they do in the Centre is documented and regular assessments and checkpoints monitor their progress. 

At Hyde Park, our English tutors ensure that your child:

  • reads easily, fluently and with good understanding of the content.
  • acquires a wide vocabulary and an understanding of grammar and knowledge of linguistic conventions.
  • writes clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language appropriately
  • becomes a competent speaker and listener, making presentations, demonstrating to others and participating in debate.