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The Hyde Park Vision

Our Ethos

Hyde Park is committed to helping your child get the best education possible here in Qatar.  Whether you are looking to enrol your child in an excellent school here in Qatar or the UK, apply to University home or abroad or simply achieve their full potential at school, we can help. 

At Hyde Park we view every student as an individual. We test before registration to ensure the programme is targeted to their needs, not ours. Our Tutors, assessors and Management have a vision of unlocking the potential in every child, developing a love of learning and a desire to succeed. We build confidence in our students through their success, in attaining targets, and help parents to understand the range of educational options available in Qatar and the UK. .

Our ethos is that every student is an individual with hopes and dreams. We take the time to get to know them, often building relationships with our families that last throughout their educational career. 

Our Vision

Our vision offers every young person the opportunity to do something amazing with their lives. The key to this vision is education, knowledge and understanding, with an ambition to succeed on a world stage and the desire to be the best you can be. Every parent wants success for their child – to pass that exam, gain entry to the right school or progress to that particular university. We offer the extra professional support they need to overcome problems and so reach the levels they require to succeed.

Hyde Park is not a school, we fix the problems schools do not have the time or resources to address in their crowded school day. For students with English as a second language, following a British or other western national curriculum can be a huge challenge when their language skills are weak. Limited vocabulary, poor grammar, comprehension and poor writing skills will hold the student back in every subject area. 

We assess each student individually and they follow a personal programme with their tutor.

We work in a partnership with the student, the parent and their school. As a result, we provide the time and the space for your child to overcome obstacles to their success.

Our fees are honest and straightforward, all inclusive, no hidden extras such as registration, tests, books, supplies. Our hourly fee for your programme of study is the full cost to you. The British way of doing business.

Hyde Park is also about language – the English language. English is an international currency in this modern world, the language of business and academia. Consequently, speak English and you can talk to the world.

Finally, we believe that learning English from those who speak it as their native language air, is the best way to learn. 

Hyde Park is committed to quality, in both teaching and learning. Our teachers provide both experience and expertise and therefore offer every student the best chance possible to achieve their full potential. 

NOTE: We provide a confidential service at Hyde Park and take the privacy and security of our students seriously. So, no pictures of our students working appear on this website. All images used of students are stock images or carefully managed so they protect identity. Parents can also ‘opt out’. 

Visitors are welcome outside of teaching hours by appointment .

Jill Egglestone, B.A. (Hons)  Director Hyde Park Education Services

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