Early Readers Programme

What is Early Readers at Hyde Park?

We offer individual tuition in a small group format for children age rising 5 – 7 years. After an individual diagnostic assessment, children are introduced to the joys of reading, writing and speaking English in a dynamic, fun programme, with phonics, decoding, word recognition, fine motor skills and letter formation. The building blocks of language explored in a fun, warm, caring environment with our nurturing teachers. The programme also includes an introduction to Maths.

The programme is a remedial course addressing the problems youngsters are having in their early school years, particularly with English as a second language. Letter formation and writing skills work corrects issues with mastering a different alphabet to Arabic, especially when having been taught incorrectly initially.

The programme is age appropriate, with account being taken of Primary ESL school students having problems with mastering some of the basics. 

Certificates are awarded on successful completion.

When does it happen?

Sessions are available during the school terms at 2pm-4pm or 3pm-5pm. (subject to availability)

Sessions during school vacation periods are 9.30am-11.30am, 12pm-2pm, 3pm-5pm, (subject to availability).

 Summer Camp 2019 timings for half day sessions are 10am-1pm and 12pm – 3pm. 


Options include:

Option 1. A 6 week, 3 day programme – Sunday to Wednesday – 40 hours in total

Option 2. A 5 week, 4 day programme – Sunday to Wednesday – 40 hours in total

Option 3. A 4 week, 5 day programme – Sunday to Wednesday, plus Saturday morning—40 hours in total

Our Fee Schedule

40 hours Tuition over 4-6 weeks                           Fixed price on enquiry

Assessment                                                             Free

Books and Student workbook                                   Free

Supplies and materials                                             Free

No hidden charges, all inclusive. 


“A Flying Start to a lifetime love of reading!”