UK Tuition and Education Services in Qatar

Bespoke Educational Support for every student.

For students aged 5 – 20 yearsSpecialist English, Math and Remedial tuition in Qatar, delivered exclusively by our UK teachers online face to face in Zoom technology.  An individual learning experience following a personal programme with a tutor, in a small group format. This provides a dynamic learning environment with the advantages of personal tuition.

We offer Specialist Math and Science Remedial programmes to fix a students levels and ensure a strong foundation for Higher Education, following an in-depth diagnostic assessments for every student. British National Curriculum core competencies. 

IGCSE, AS and A Level curriculum, all subjects at all levels available; IB Curriculum; SAT and ACT examination preparation  will maximise your score- its about technique as well as knowledge and understanding; IELTS preparation.

We prepare students for Common Entrance Exams and 11+ for UK entry and can assist with placement and admissions where required. 

English tuition is always exclusively taught by our UK, native English-speaking team because we believe that only Native English speakers, who understand the context of our amazing language and our UK culture, can ensure that our students learn to pronounce English correctly, understand its rhythm, grammar, structure and of course, develop accurate reading and writing skills. We teach the use of both formal and informal speech, good UK manners – our social interaction. Explore our Tuition pages for more details of courses.

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